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Это специализированное оборудование, предназначенное в первую очередь для сварки труб и деталей. Позиционеры могут выполнять множество операций с трубным фондом в рамках своей миссии. Позиционеры способны выполнять все виды ручной и автоматической сварки. Для устройств доступно множество параметров, включая различные скорости, грузоподъемность, места назначения и другие параметры.



Choose the Right Welding Machine

It is a good idea to consider a welding machine as a long-term investment. Buyers should consider all options before making a purchase. The situation will determine which type of welding process is most appropriate and which machine should be used. The most common type of welding is metal arc welding. Before you purchase a welding machine, it is essential to evaluate whether it is the right choice. This is different from plasma cutting welding machines. By melting and fusing two pieces of metal, welding is a way to join them. Plasma cutters are used for metal fabrication. Many people mistakenly believe they can be done together.

Consider the material that you will be welding. Gas metal arc welding is done by feeding a filler wire made of bare metal and shielding it with gas using an electric torch. This creates an "ark", which is the actual welding machine. For most common joint applications, a welder is the best option. Third, think about whether time constraints may affect the process. Each machine has its duty cycle. The welder's duty period is the amount of time it can operate before it must be shut down to cool down. Less expensive welders often have a shorter duty cycle than those of higher price. Some welders are capable of running continuously at 100 percent duty cycles. Based on this, let's discuss more about this in detail.  

Advantages of Welding Machine

Last, consider the power and portability of the machine. The machine may be used in a shop, so it will not necessarily need to be portable. A package that is portable and can handle heavy-duty field repairs will be necessary. A generator that is engine-powered and gas-powered may be needed to provide power for welding or auxiliary power in-field repairs.

A benchtop positioner is an excellent product that provides welding assistance for pipe and tube assemblies. The workpiece can be rotated past the welding beam, allowing the welder the freedom to continue welding without being restricted by the positioner. Welding can be trusted as your source for used and new benchtop welding positioners, floor turntables, or other welding equipment. We have the resources and knowledge to supply you with a tabletop weld positioner made to your specifications.

Safety is the most important consideration when operating a benchtop welding positioner, new or old. Before any work can be done on the machine, it should be secured to a stable and flat surface.. It is important to have it connected during welding. Without it, electric parts could be damaged. It is also important to ensure that the positioner can work with the electricity generated by welding. Also, make sure to read the specifications of your welding positioner. The size and speed of the required operation for the welder determine the motor and control. Refer to the specifications to find out if the manufacturer has provided any information.

The benchtop positioner offers exceptional workpiece positioning capabilities in a compact frame design that can easily be mounted on a tabletop or workbench. Listed below are some of the technical features and technical aspects of our tabletop weld positioners:

Ø Easy adjustments with electric foot pedal switches

Ø There are many options for positioner sizes

Ø Maximum weight: 330 lbs

Ø Manual tilt

Ø Variable speeds

Welding offers various benchtop and portable welding positioners to meet your needs, whether you need one for your garage or your shop. Welding offers a variety of tabletop welding positioners in various sizes and brands. For complete customization, our service department can add components like foot pedals and remote hand pendants, gripper chucks, outboard support, matching tailstocks, and gripper chucks to your unit.The positioning device uses a seating structure that mainly composes frame, flip device, and rotary device. It also includes electrical control and other parts. The work table rotates at an AC frequency variable speed. This ensures that the work table meets the requirements for the welding speed. The connector connects the positioner to the manipulator.

Welding positioners

This equipment is specialized and is intended primarily to be used for pipe welding and details. Positioners can perform many operations with tube stock as part of their mission. Positioners are capable of performing all types of manual and automatic welding. Many options are available for the devices, including different speeds, load capacities, destinations, and other options.

A welding positioner can be described as a type of position-changing machine. It can turn the weldment over and turn it around so that the weld seam is always in the most accessible welding position. Welders can save time, increase welding quality, and decrease their labor intensity by using welding positioners. It is essential to ensure that the equipment necessary to automate and mechanize the welding process can be used. To create an automated welding center, the welding positioner can be combined with a robot or manipulator.

According to the automatic function, there are several welding positioners: L type, benchtop, benchtop, L-type, single-axis rotary, single column, lifting, double column, and other benchtop positioners. Benchtop positioner has the function of automatically rotating work pieces with rectangular, clone or irregular shapes in 360 degree. It applies to different loads and shapes. If you require more features such as up and down movement or tilt, there are other models of welding positioner for your choice.

How to Choose the Right Welding Positioner

The weight of the welding stationer, the center of gravity, and eccentricity for the weldment over the entire surface must all be within the data range. A specific capacity must also be maintained.

If the optional welding positioner can be used for circular seam welding, the rotation speed must be determined according to the groove. It should not exceed the adjustment range of the positioners rotation speed. Can the whole process be made smooth?

If the overall size of the welding positioner is significant on the outside contour, you will need to consider the angle of the worktable or whether it can achieve the best weldment position. To ensure that the welding process is uninterrupted, the inclined corner should be protected from the weldment.

Once the welder positioner is turned on, attach the electromagnetic fixture and water-cooled equipment.

The welding parts that require a high current to meet the requirements of the welder are needed.

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  • The petrochemical industry plays a crucial role in enhancing the growth and economy of the world. Additionally, petroleum products produced in offshore and onshore exploration, refining, and oil production have also increased, resulting in increasingly complex waste production. This industry is a vital source of inorganic toxic and organic materials. 

    For the run of the industries present worldwide the top-quality equipment is mandatory. Several types of machinery producing industries are present worldwide but choosing the right one is a little confusing. Don't worry; we are here for your help. Giving the right solutions and shipments to your industry is our duty.

    Here are 3 must haves of welding automations for the fabrication process in the petrochemical industry:

    1) Conventional welding rotators

    2) fit up welding rotators

    3) welding manipulator.

  • Wind towers have saved 30% of nonrenewable energy while producing electricity. Today, there are hundreds of wind farms and sea areas are having thousands of wind towers. They hold the generator or dynamo blades, which are tones of weight. These wind power infrastructures are standing strong due to the use of welding rotators, welding manipulator, and welding positioners to be a tank assembly line. Experts in technology and engineering make them.

  • Steel structure has become an indispensable material type used in modern construction industry. Due to the feature of environmental friendly, it has been widely used in construction, such as steel structure factory building, ordinary steel construction building, boiler, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, electric power, petrochemical, petroleum engineering machinery, bridge construction, metallurgical machinery industry, wind power and power tower etc. The bird's Nest building in Beijing, China, is a classic masterpiece of steel structure architecture.

    The h-beam steel production line made by Fengwei Machinery is a highly automated steel structure production line which composes of CNC flame cutting machine, h beam assembly machine, h beam welding machine, and h beam straightening machine. It greatly reduces labor intensity and production costs, improves production efficiency.


  • The application of automatic welding and cutting equipment in the manufacturing process of steel tube tower can thoroughly optimize and upgrade the original production process. The traditional production mode adopts the operation of lifting semi-finished products, which requires a special person to be responsible for the lifting and operation of semi-finished products. It has high requirements on the environment and working space, which not only requires a lot of manpower and material input, but also has high labor intensity with low production efficiency. Different from the traditional production mode, the automatic cutting equipment integrates online monitoring, automatic upload and offload raw materials and other automatic functions, can reduce the workload of workers and work intensity, thus greatly improving the production efficiency. The production lines of cutting, pairing and welding can cover each area of the workshop, which can be operated as a whole or independently in each area.

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