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Сварочный вращатель с ходовым винтом

Сварочные вращатели состоят из вращателя для заварки ходового винта и вращателя для винтовой сварки. Сварочный вращатель с ходовым винтом - это один из патентов на изобретение, выданный Fengwei Machinery, который в основном используется для удовлетворения запросов клиентов по сварке небольших цилиндров и предотвращения повреждения двигателя, редуктора и электрического блока управления. Он широко используется в производстве трубопроводов небольшого диаметра, таких как сигнальные столбы.



Lead screw welding rotator includes motors, reducers, an electric control box, screw adjusting mechanisms, screw nut blocks, rollers, roller bed, and a base. Where in the base is a box; the screw adjusting mechanism includes a screw rod and a control hand wheel; the control handwheel is installed at one end of the screw rod and located on the side of lead screw welding rotator; the base is settled with a sliding rail for the roller bed to move along; the roller bed is installed on the slide rail and can move horizontally on the base; the roller is fixed on the roller bed through a rotating shaft; the nut block is fixed to the bottom of the roller seat; the nut block It is provided with a thread matched with the screw, the screw is matched with the nut block and installed in the box of the base; the output shaft of the motor is connected with the reducer; wherein; the motor, the reducer, and the electric control box are installed inside the box body of the base for safety.

Welding rotators are widely used for assisting in rotating cylindrical workpieces, welding longitudinal and circumferential seam of pressure vessels, circumferential welding of disc-shaped working ends and shells, circumferential welding of pipes, and flanges, and butt welding of large-diameter pipelines. Welding rotators are also applied for the assembly, cutting, heating, polishing, rubber lining, and painting of tanks, boxes, pipelines, pressure vessels, etc.

With vigorous investment in the 5G industry the worldwide, power pole industry is developing rapidly, and there is a large demand for signal power poles. The power signal pole has a small diameter but a long length which is not easy to hoist. The conventional welding rotator can only meet the 250 mm minimum diameter of the cylinder. Therefore, Fengwei Machinery was devoted to research and develop a lead screw welding rotator, which effectively met the power pole industry’s request.

A conventional welding rotator normally mounts the motor and the reducer on the side of the roller bed. During the operation, the motor, reducer, and electric control box are often damaged due to improper operation, causing economic losses to users and reducing production efficiency. lead screw welding rotator is designed to install the motor, the reducer, and the electric control box underneath, so as to reduce the risk of damage.


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  • The petrochemical industry plays a crucial role in enhancing the growth and economy of the world. Additionally, petroleum products produced in offshore and onshore exploration, refining, and oil production have also increased, resulting in increasingly complex waste production. This industry is a vital source of inorganic toxic and organic materials. 

    For the run of the industries present worldwide the top-quality equipment is mandatory. Several types of machinery producing industries are present worldwide but choosing the right one is a little confusing. Don't worry; we are here for your help. Giving the right solutions and shipments to your industry is our duty.

    Here are 3 must haves of welding automations for the fabrication process in the petrochemical industry:

    1) Conventional welding rotators

    2) fit up welding rotators

    3) welding manipulator.

  • Wind towers have saved 30% of nonrenewable energy while producing electricity. Today, there are hundreds of wind farms and sea areas are having thousands of wind towers. They hold the generator or dynamo blades, which are tones of weight. These wind power infrastructures are standing strong due to the use of welding rotators, welding manipulator, and welding positioners to be a tank assembly line. Experts in technology and engineering make them.

  • Steel structure has become an indispensable material type used in modern construction industry. Due to the feature of environmental friendly, it has been widely used in construction, such as steel structure factory building, ordinary steel construction building, boiler, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, electric power, petrochemical, petroleum engineering machinery, bridge construction, metallurgical machinery industry, wind power and power tower etc. The bird's Nest building in Beijing, China, is a classic masterpiece of steel structure architecture.

    The h-beam steel production line made by Fengwei Machinery is a highly automated steel structure production line which composes of CNC flame cutting machine, h beam assembly machine, h beam welding machine, and h beam straightening machine. It greatly reduces labor intensity and production costs, improves production efficiency.


  • The application of automatic welding and cutting equipment in the manufacturing process of steel tube tower can thoroughly optimize and upgrade the original production process. The traditional production mode adopts the operation of lifting semi-finished products, which requires a special person to be responsible for the lifting and operation of semi-finished products. It has high requirements on the environment and working space, which not only requires a lot of manpower and material input, but also has high labor intensity with low production efficiency. Different from the traditional production mode, the automatic cutting equipment integrates online monitoring, automatic upload and offload raw materials and other automatic functions, can reduce the workload of workers and work intensity, thus greatly improving the production efficiency. The production lines of cutting, pairing and welding can cover each area of the workshop, which can be operated as a whole or independently in each area.

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